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    What are you doing today?

    move to BC, we had a lovely sunny day today:) then again health care is in a mess, empty shelves, gas pretty expensive, but it is still paradise.:)
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    May I request your thoughts and prayers?

    Many years ago I visited the isle of Iona., a very special place. They have a prayer circle in which I was interested and so Tuesday evening is designated as a special time for prayer. When people pray at this time wherever they may be, then these prayers are going all around the world. There is...
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    May I request your thoughts and prayers?

    Thank you all so much for your kindness and prayers. 🤗 Gaer, I am so happy that your son is feeling better, I truly believe in the power of prayer.
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    Bare shelves at the grocery store!

    Yesterday at the grocery store many of the shelves were empty. This will not improve any time soon, the rules have changed for truckers, many who are not vaccinated so that takes them off the roads and stores do not get their goods. Just another casualty of covid.
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    May I request your thoughts and prayers?

    I understand exactly how you are feeling right now, like you my son lives a long way away, like you my son has covid, he is vaccinated, his wife tested negative but she has the symptoms. I feel totally inadequate as a mum because I cannot help in any way, only support from a distance. They are...
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    My Skin Cancer and possibly yours

    The last time I had it done the dr covered my eyes with the hand. At the time I was in shock, I just went to have it looked at not even thinking that it might be cancer. My family doctor did inform me that I could have it put on with a swab but that it did not work as well as the liquid nitrogen.
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    My Skin Cancer and possibly yours

    I don't think this is an option for me.
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    My Skin Cancer and possibly yours

    I've had to skip some of the comments because it just increased my anxiety. My question, what do they cover the eyes with when spraying on the face. I have to have liquid nitrogen for areas on my nose but they are close to the eyes. Thank you
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    Today I Have a Heavy Heart!

    A friend of such long standing is a great loss, may she rest in peace. 🌹
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    House for sale in Wisconsin seems normal — until you see the bathroom. Have a look

    That is too weird, when they renovated they should have taken out two toilets and replaced it with a bath,
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    We have found a doggie to adopt!!!! :)

    She is lucky to have found a good home, it was meant to be.
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    losses, etc.

    When my DH suddenly passed away the grief was unimaginable. Unless one has lost someone close they really don't get it. I was in a support group within about six weeks, and I was so glad to find others who had gone or who were going through the same life changing circumstances as myself. Reach...
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    What's with the big false eyelashes?

    I would not have recognized him from the photo, a wonderful man who has a huge heart and is a great ambassador for Battersea dogs home, and all animals.