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    Retirement Home & Clydesdale Horses..... ..

    What a wonderful video, not only to watch those gentle giants but to see the joy in the residents faces. Animals are the best.
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    How old were you when....

    Loved this especially after reading another thread with mean comments. Thank you
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    Recycling Plastic

    My neighbour purchased a photo copier and was told to return the packaging to the store, I was happy to hear that.
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    Recycling Plastic

    My first thought was throw it in the garbage, I cannot do that so I will spend some time resorting. My neighbour recently bought a copier, he was told to return the packaging to the store . Things are looking up.
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    Recycling Plastic

    I am very diligent in regards to recycling, the plastic that is not accepted in the bluebox I take to the depot. The plastic that I am referring to is sandwich bags, bags that contain frozen foods, any other plastic coverings or bags, I stuff them in the dog food bags. Yesterday when I went to...
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    Vintage Coin collections...

    Maybe I'll send it to a UK rescue. Thank you
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    What is the fascination for grandchildren?

    That's another story, one which I hear frequently . We have to learn to say no, easier said than done.
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    It Takes Effort To Be Social Living Alone

    I am still learning this business of living alone. Looking back over my life, after leaving home I travelled for a bit but then had roommates so I have lived with someone for 45 years. When DH died I was finally on my own. Someone else wrote on this thread that they go out and talk to the dog...
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    Vintage Coin collections...

    I do have English coins although I do not collect them, I don't really know what to do with them. Shillings, sixpences, three penny bits, pennies, half penny? not sure how to spell hapny , florins.
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    Time for a "What are you listening to" 2021

    this takes me back
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    What is the fascination for grandchildren?

    I would love to have been part of my grandchilds life but fate intervened and there was no turning back. We live at opposite ends of the country with only the occasional visit. She is now grown up but I do not feel close to her. With my other grandchild we had hoped to play a bigger part in his...
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    It Takes Effort To Be Social Living Alone

    Wonderful things happen every day. Watching an eagle flying in the sky, listening to the water ebb and flow on the beach, getting licks from my dog.
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    How long does one grieve after the death of a spouse?

    I read somewhere that "grief is love with no place to go" My DH died very suddenly, in December it was his second anniversary. I don't think the grief will ever go away but I am learning to deal with it. We all handle grief differently, there is no right or wrong. Some people cannot handle...
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    The Music Thread! What Are You Listening To? #4

    I love this thread, it opens me up to artists that I've never heard of, some of them pretty amazing.