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    Guess the Food

    That third word has me stumped.
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    Make a Sentence with 5 letters

    The Great Horned Dinosaur survives! E T D R S
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    Guess the Tune

    V ?
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    Guess the Character

    Yes, you're doing it fine, Joybelle. The trouble is, I have no idea who this character is. L ?
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    Guess the title

    It looks like The Famous Five.
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    LAST WORD - Word Pairs

    This is the Last Word game. So, moving up a few, Hire Car Car Park
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    Famous Name Game

    Linda McCartney
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    Keep One Junk One

    Jam Session
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    Famous Name Game

    George Clooney
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    Guess the Food

    P ?
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    Guess the Character

    S ?
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    True or False...

    Well, I already did have some, for lunch. You are meeting outside with friends, neighbors, etc., with masks on, sitting at least 6 feet apart.
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    Guess the title

    M ?
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    Picture Words

    Great Smokies National Park H
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    Bakers Dozen

    Annoying sounds 1. Endlessly yapping dogs 2. Screaming babies 3. Loud jet ski engine on an otherwise peaceful lake 4. Dripping tap 5. Finger nail scrapping a blackboard 6. A Banging door 7. Rhyming jingles in TV ads 8.