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    Two Dentists, One Dishonest Scam Artist; One Honest

    I too am very skeptical these days when it comes to dentists. Hope that's a typo, Win. After a tooth has been extracted there's no way to do a root canal. :ROFLMAO: I had poor luck with a bridge, but have had great success with several implants. YMMV.
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    Healthier Toast

    I'm not a fan of "genetic engineering". Think of all of the problems that have been caused by man-made chemical products over the last 100 years because people didn't fully understand the potential harm those chemicals could cause. Unlike chemical products, genetically modified organisms can...
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    Would You Like a Coffee or Tea?

    Both. Always hot. Never sweetened.
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    Very sick puppy

    We give our dog NexGard (afoxolaner) chewables each month and it's proven to be very effective against ticks. We get a lot of ticks here. Do you have this or a similar product where you live?
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    How many of these things have you done.

    34 for me too, Ronni.
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    The vineyard

    Rocks With a pair of work gloves and the appropriate implements of destruction in hand, I headed for the site of our proposed vineyard. I realize that “vineyard” is a presumptuous name for this speck of land and a couple of grape vines but, hey … I’ve lived in New England for over 30 years now...
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    New House Has Baseboard Heaters

    Although my preference is forced air, we've had baseboard heat since 1990. 24 years with baseboard electric and 7 with hot water. Using some common sense, we've never had any problem. In my experience, baseboard units are almost always located on exterior walls and under windows. With the...
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    Nobody said, " Thank you".

    I got out in 1972 as well, fuzzybuddy. No "Thank You", but then again I didn't really expect one. I had a place on shore and on my last day the ship was leaving Norfolk on a deployment. I got up early, drove to the ship, picked up my gear and then my separation packet from Personnel. The...
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    Roux and how to use it.

    Thanks for the reminder, Aunt Bea. We didn't know about finnan haddie until we moved to New England several decades ago. Creamed finnan haddie quickly became a huge family favorite. At the time it was easy to find and relatively inexpensive. I haven' t seen finnan haddie in the stores for a...
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    The vineyard

    The Vineyard We live on the side of a large hill although, consistent with New England’s penchant for exaggeration, it’s called a mountain. The mowed portion of our property (the yard if you will) is relatively flat but the land behind it slopes up rather steeply. Our house faces in a more or...
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    Plover Scar

    Wonderful Oy. I can hear the waves and smell the sea in that photo. :)
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    The vineyard

    2021 has been a particularly good year in our garden for cauliflower and beets, while tomatoes, summer squashes, sweet corn, and banana peppers all had respectable yields. Throughout our marriage the kitchen garden has always been my wife’s domain and she rules it with a firm hand. My...
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    The vineyard

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    My garden efforts

    Before retiring, we had a LAWN. Thick, green, uniform bluegrass turf is attractive but maintaining it is a major undertaking. Feeding, weeding, thatching, mowing, trimming, raking, and overseeding all take a lot of time and money. After our move to rural acreage we resolved to have a YARD...