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    Do you have your house in order?

    I had the same thought. My house won't be in order until I sort out the pantry cupboard, chucking out all the jars etc that i never use and will never use. Then I will declutter the kitchen benches by finding everything space in the decluttered pantry. Does that make any sense or am I the only...
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    Socialised medicine in Australia

    Just saw these tweets and I have no idea of the nationality of the poster. This is what he posted Then he added this I can top this. When I see my specialists I hand over my Medicare card and the rebate is deducted from my bill and paid to the practicioner. My health fund also pays the...
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    "Not Open for Further Replies"

    Why throw petrol on a smouldering fire?
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    Word of the Day - Kreplach

    šŸ˜„ I thought we were now investigating new words in Klingon.
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    Has anyone you really liked, change and start liking your "enemy"?

    I may walk around with blinkers on all the time but I have never really felt that anyone was my personal enemy in school although I did get a pretty strong feeling that my Year 7 maths teacher didn't like me very much. That may not have been personal to me. I don't think she liked many of us...
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    Does space go on forever?

    Coming late to this discussion I apologise if this idea has already been raised. Some think that space may curved and fold back on itself. It could be represented by dots on an inflated balloon ??? Me? I don't worry about the cosmos because my brain is too limited to take it all in.
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    You folks in Australia…question.

    If we were to eradicate all of the spiders then we would soon be knee deep in insects big and small. They have their place in the food web.
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    The word "God" omited from the National prayer.

    I respect Dana's position, and I am reminded that the entity that we call God has no name, and at the same time many names. President Biden was respecting all faiths with his prayer.
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    You folks in Australia…question.

    Those photos are extreme examples of what happens when the ground is waterlogged. The spiders move up to higher ground and congregate. They still have to eat so the trees become festooned with webs. I think I posted a photo of an assortment of spiders on a bridge during floods at Richmond, near...
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    North Dakota man says condo association threatens $200 daily fines over American flag 'noise'

    The sun should not set before the national flag is lowered and folded. Talk to the neighbours about flying the flag respectfully and wear ear muffs on windy days. Problem solved.
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    Word of the Day - Gamophobia

    And you do that so well, too. (y)
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    Meet the Quokkas

    Uh! uh! Not allowed. Aussie wildlife is strictly protected. Besides, look what happened in US when people thought it a good idea to keep little boa constrictors as pets.
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    Meet the Quokkas

    They are friendly because tourists feed them. You buy a packet of quokka food at the tourist centre.
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    Meet the Quokkas

    My daughter is currently touring WA from Perth to Broome, then over to the Northern Territory to Katharine and Darwin. She visited Rottnest Island and took a selfie with this Quokka.
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    Meet the Quokkas

    These little marsupials live on an island off the coast of Perth, Western Australia. It is a tourist destination now but has a darker history as a penal establishment. The quokkas are very friendly and not at all troubled by the tourists.