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  • "I'll talk about my wake up call as a side conversation but not today because I'm about to become very busy."

    You forgot me? I am very interested in every detail of why an atheist would do an about face. I am not looking for a debate and promise to keep my mouth shut and just listen to the who, what, where, when and why of what happened!
    jerry old
    wish you success, these topics have a way of going south, snits...
    I wonder if any of us will ever become grown
    Not today, but start a conversation and I will eventually get around to it. It can be a truncated version or a full and detailed account. I recommend the long version but I don't open that one up to people I don't trust. I think I will trust you, but not today. It is 6 pm and I've had a long day out.
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    How lovely, Ruthanne.

    I have only just discovered that I have had visitor messages.
    I hope you don't think I have been rudely ignoring you.

    Thank you for the sweet messages.

    Love, Maureen
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