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    Overloaded Deck Collapses On California Beach

    Another case of not me syndrome. Nothing can go wrong nor will they do anything wrong. Im still working on renting a HOUSE to throw a party, a freaking party. They can drink beer and get high anywhere. But rent a house? Rent a hotel pool and set of rooms or wing. Also a legit victim but a...
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    Overloaded Deck Collapses On California Beach

    The house was limited to 6 people at once I guess to disincentivize partying since it's against the contract. I think fire rescue said the deck was compromised and over loaded because it was considered a residential deck. I did notice the wood had little color which usual means it's dry or one...
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    Overloaded Deck Collapses On California Beach

    The home where the deck collapsed was rented and the landlord said they told the renters no more than 6 people in the house or in the property. The lease also said...
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    Overloaded Deck Collapses On California Beach

    An over loaded deck collapsed when over a dozen party goers were on a small residential deck attached to a home on a California beach. No one killed. The home now being assessed for safety...
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    The Rat Squad. 1,000 Cats Released In Chicago To Help With Rats Run Amok

    1,000 cats released in Chicago to help alleviate a rat problem. So bad residents say not uncommon for them to run across their feet. Cats have been spayed and nuetered and considered too wild for adoption...
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    We Have Panic Buying Of Gas In Our Area

    PANIC buying doesn't describe it. Stupid eating utensils apparently storing gas in plastic bags. These dumb forks are asking of for a world of hurt and pain if that goes bad. I've...
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    Potentially Deadly Black Fungus Keeps Showing Up In Covid-19 Patients In India

    In this case it sounds like the cormorbidity is the environment as it is in people.
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    Japan Declares A Virus Related Emergency Less Than 3 Months Until Olympics

    Japan declared an emergency with less than 3 months to go before the Tokyo Olympics. Apparently experiencing a rise/surge in cases. Measure end May 31. Experts say that's not long enough to take have enough effect...
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    Has anyone you really liked, change and start liking your "enemy"?

    Whew, try to walk the tight rope of family politics and you'll probably fail. Everybody is either opinionated or in a relationship for a reason. Then there are the family connivers & manipulators. If one is truely surprised in situations like this they probably never had people or the...
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    A Long Time AA Member Killed By Drunk Driver Leaving An AA Meeting

    Just when I thought a tragic and/or infuriating drunk driving incident was the worst I see this: Women kills her cousin in her second DUI incident involving a fatality. She...
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    Tires Can Explode While Being Refilled if Not Maintained

    I always try to use a gauge and am constantly looking for cracking which is a sign the rubber is failing. Also completely flat tires without a puncture could be a bad valve in which case will surge in depending on how bad. I've too many stories of failing exploding tires while driving let alone...
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    NBA Player Test Positive For Virus Almost 2 Months After Being Vaccinated

    NBA player tested positive for the virus almost 2 months after getting vaccinated.
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    Attacks on Asians

    Stunning the numbers in this short period of time to one part of the population. And it's in the news so one would figure it would be too risky. Usually by the time something hits the news on a regular basis the trend has frequently peaked out. I'm afraid this isn't the case.
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    2 US Tourist Found Guilty of Killing Policeman In Italy

    2 US tourists found guilty of stabbing an Italian policeman to death. Claim it was self defense thinking the cop was sent there for revenge on drug deal gone bad. young...
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    Attacks on Asians

    I guess I shouldn't be stunned by criminals but the level of cowardice these criminal assaulters show is stunning and sadly predictable. Exactly how cowardly are they to sneak up and sucker punch people, punch and kick them when they are down and/or used weapons on unarmed victims. They are not...