2019 U.S. Tennis Open Tournament


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Yesterday afternoon,I watched the beginning of the men's final Rafa Nadal vs. Daniil Medvedev.
When Rafa was up 2 sets-0 I figured he would win in 3 sets,turned it off.I don't particially like watching players hitting the ball baseline to baseline,to me that's boring
A couple hrs later thinking the match was over,turned on to see Daniil had come from behind,the match was in the 5th set. After almost 5 hrs,Rafa prevailed,won his 19th Grand Slam title,he's now 1 behind Roger Federer. From what I saw, Medvedev made some unbelievable shots, at age 23 he could go the distance with Rafa. I think he will win a few Grand Slam titles in his career
Rafa has a good summer he won his 12th French Open title,no other player male or female has won that many title,to top that winning his 4th U.S. Open. The icing on the cake for him in a couple of weeks is when he marries his long time girlfriend


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Thanks for your comments.

Unfortunately my cable company carried the final games but I don't subscribe to that particular channel.

However, I was able to go to the BBC and they had live comments so I was able to follow the games. It was on radio but I could not get the radio version because of my location. Canada.
I was able to watch the semi-finals but not the final.
There will be a replay of the women's final tomorrow. I will be taping it.