Another Leg of our Journey; Life in a rented Bungalow

Gary O'

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That overextended limb should be removed, if that is a public footpath during strolling weather
Winter there doesn't get much foot traffic....'cept for some of us.
Yeah, I agree. That limb has gotta go. But nice to frame a pic with it.

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Gary O'

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Gary--for some reason, this guy reminds me of you
Funny you should show that.
For decades all I could think of was some sorta sloop or cutter, or even a on it...and sail...up and down coasts. Drop anchor somewhere, get to know some folks, swap lies, sip strange alcohol, frolic some, and go again.
Me and my lifelong bud had many plans in that vein.
Then, he went to Alaska...never came back.
I went everwhere, met my woman.
...and came back.
Built my other dream.

Once we find a place too cute to pass up, we'll lay our money down, make it ours.
A year or so after that, I'm gonna buy another patch of land.
Build a tiny, cutest cabin ever.....and put it on the market.
I like the thought of making money while enjoying myself.
And, like I experienced as a child, once the building is done, well, most the fun is over for me.

Gary O'

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Ever mouth breathing male biped troglodyte needs some place to fiddle with stuff.
So, once seeing this little cottage had a garage,
an almost double garage, with enough room to stash the Jeep without putting the top on every night,
aaand build a shop bench, and have enough room for my saws, well, we moved in.

I don't mind donating a couple hundred bucks of material to the landlord to create that.

shop bench.jpg

shop bench 2.jpg

and a place to stash my shop desk in a corner

shop desk.jpg

and what I've noticed is, the rafters are only 7 ft high


The shop I built in the sticks had 8 ft rafters
Had to get a ladder to pull anything down
Now? I just reach up
Wherever we buy, next shop will have 7 ft rafters

Oh, and I couldn't forget spidey

shop spidie.jpg
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Gary O'

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What do a lot of retired guys do?

Make bird houses

I've made a few
Sold 'em

Last Saturday, we strolled thru the Saturday market we've been wanting to visit

Ran across some bird houses
Nice ones

sat mrkt bird houses.jpg fin.jpg

Inspired me in regard to a new design

I'm not into the cartoony stuff, but liked the main build scheme

Built a couple

Proved it with a crude prototype

prototype 2.jpg


Then got whimsical

2nd rendition 2.JPG

Gonna make more
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Gary O'

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Oh, and little snickle fritz and fam came down to visit

So delicate

...yet, so savvy

She's my heart

hope and me fin.jpg

Gramma's too

Hope with Gramma.jpg

I followed her around the playground equip at the park
Then we headed to Baskin Robbins
She gorged herself on vanilla
One tiny spoonful

...and 7 sprinkles
One atta time

Gary O'

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I'm not quite over not having to get up and fire up the genny first thing in order to get on the web.

There's something to be said for old fashioned perked coffee


But I got a whole lot more to say for Mr Coffee

Also, can't get over not having to make lists when venturing out to the store
Heh, if I forget something....I just go back and get it...without driving 100 miles...or doing without

Looking at what's available here in the real estate market

Tempting little places

May buy before winter sets in


Good'n, Meanie

We did experiment with grinding coffee beans in the grocery store
I s'pose a stock boy had to clean that up


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Got up around 8:30 this morn
My usual is walking around the place, while scratching my hind end, considering what the day will bring
I trudge into the galley kitchen
My lady is adding something into wunna those huge stainless steel mixing bowls
'What's cookin' , good lookin'
'Pasta salad'
Gave me a small spoonful

The taste is enough to make ya wanna fall down and scream

I'm on my third bowl


We plan on renting this little place thru the winter, and seriously looking for a place to buy next spring

I put a shop together in the garage

View attachment 73355

We're gonna have a good time


I'm gonna write

This winter
Good for you Gary, you will be as happy as a bear in a blueberry patch.
@Gary O' your shop looks great and your birdhouse is wonderful! Your little girl is too lovely!

I'm sooo relieved you're not going to paint cartoons on the birdhouses, but you need Billy Bass in the shop;

I read somewhere that the Queen Mother had one of those that she was quite taken with. The article said that after a couple of drinks, she'd make everyone sing along with it.

Who knows, but she seemed to have quite a sense of humor and I like the image of her doing that.

Gary O'

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So, I'm knocking out these bird houses
Got 'em all sold


Trying hard to be whimsical/fickle in design
It's not natural for me
Too OCD I guess
Getting random in eave lengths
Starting to press out knotholes, not use a hole saw

they're selling

I may buck up the price