Apple Shares To Split Soon


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Average joe blow portfolio manager suck. Mine had a return of 20% from may to august and then i told him to cash out everything for september which he ignored and now the return is only 5%... he never took profits. so what the frig is the point of long term holding?

I follow another aggressive trader /manager who buys the same stocks, apple, tesla, Nvidia, Moderna, Solaredge, t mobile, lululemon, etc... and he doesn't hold them as they go down ... his clients are up 98% and he cashed them all out late august.

I'm going to go this route.

Dinosaurs die, in these volatile times psychology applies, people are taking profits at the end of the week, end of the seasons. Traditional portfolio manager just pick decent stocks and hold on to them for 5 years never buying and selling on the obvious market trends. FK THAT !!!! it's time i take over my portfolio 100%


I paid about $92.75 for my shares, which are only a few so I'm sure I qualify for the split. If the shares are around the $106.25 as @911 surmised, I will definitely buy more shares knowing the potential for growth. Would you buy in again at that price 911? Friday the share price was $425.04.
There's no more potential for growth with a split that leaves shares at $106 then there is if shares remain $1060. The company's bottom line doesn't change.


Wow, I'm not going to call anybody out but there's some very odd thinking about stock investing in this thread. People seem to be looking at prices and gains/losses rather than the company's bottom line and potential future. I'm seeing if a stock is up 500% you should take profits. Not if the company is making money hand over fist in a rising industry. I have quite a few stocks that are up 1000% and more. Would I have made even more by taking profits and investing elsewhere? Maybe maybe not. But you certainly don't just sell a stock because it made you a lot of money.
Then there's the stock splitting thing. It makes no difference if you own one share of a $1000 stock or ten shares of a $100 stock, the returns are the same. There was a time when I owned 8 shares of Google at $1200 a share or something.


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buying individual stocks requires monitoring not only the stock you own but also what the competitors have on their drawing board ....we have seen the bluest of blue chips become pieces of history and their value gone as competitors did it better . so many blue chips were bought and held way to long ....

nothing is forever .even Exxon one of the largest companies the world ever saw was booted out of the dow after 125 years .

at the end of the day most would do better just buying an s&p 500 fund and calling it a day .

you have less risk since you have no individual company risk to worry about and it is certainly less volatile then even the stocks that used to be for widows .

at&t has been a dog for years , ppl has lost money for those who held it the last 3 years and returned a mere 1-1/2% cagr including dividends the last 5 years . a cd beat it .

an s&p fund returned 13.48% the last 5 years and 11.83% the last 3 years
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