Article: "Aging Americans Face Bleak Futures Unless We Let New Immigrants Help"

The assumption here is that hiring immigrants to do care giving is affordable to all. Actually, it is not. I cared for my elderly mom for 14 years and we could never afford to hire anyone. The best caregiver are family members. Family members give the best care. The best care is not provided by someone who is exploited for their cheap cost. No, I don't think cheap care givers are the best solution to fulfilling the need for care givers. It is better for the elderly to be cared for by someone who cares.
I did same for 10 years.
I expect that for us, with 1 child, we will hire some help prior to losing any 2 ADLs, during our deductible period before the LTCi kicks in, and the time when the LTCi aides are off.

The overwhelming majority of new immigrants are seeking asylum. Like it or not, those who are are here legally. If they lose their asylum case it is then that they become illegal.
Approximately 80% plus do not even qualify for asylum but have been coached to say that if caught or if they turn themselves in at border. claiming that only slows down the process and bogs down the system.... actually for many seeking asylum it has long been accepted to apply for asylum in the first country you come into not march across many to enter the US......
How about those with $ enough to fly into Mexico walk across the border to apply for asylum they should be doing this in Mexico not applying in US.

The backlog of cases means years to hear case ... and when you do not qualify and will be deported. but without making them leave they are still here. How are they surviving then? Criminal activity....
how do they WORK when employing undocumented is illegal ? ....... false documents / stolen Identity / of under the table ( tax evasion) all felonies..
Be it family members or not. Misa cared for a woman who was 86 for 3 years. Misa cared and developed a strong loving relationship with her. Professional care would of cost $500 a day. Misa made $150 for 24 hours. ( stayed all night ). We have enough people in our country to fill these positions but our cost of living is so high, who can afford to take this kind of work, unless they live like peasants?
that's just it...those of us who do these types of jobs do hafta live like peasants. the pay is utter peanuts when it comes to cost of living. idk about them but our pay raises here are a whole 30 cents a yr.

with that i might be able to afford a car when i'm dead.