Bidet attachment


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This is similar to what we have... 2 separate units side by side.... I searched for Bidet Attachment and found this....



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It's a big thing here, several members of my family have it. I personally loathe it and find the cheaper versions simply don't work as well or completely as the higher-end expensive ones. But even the latter take too long and use water that (in drought-stricken California) is better used elsewhere.

What I DO really like is that heated seat! Alas, most of them are combined with the bidet attachment these days. The heated seat by itself was really inexpensive when it came out, less than $100. It dropped in price several times but then was taken off the market before I could "pull the trigger" and buy one. Oh, well, we're moving out in another year or so anyway, so no point in adding anything when there are so many other things to take care of as we downsize.


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Bidets as a primary means of fecal removal gross me out. Every little drop that splats spreads poo germs. I only want to use them after thoroughly removing solids with paper which kind of defeats the environmental purpose. Once was enough for me!