Canuck advice needed: take tax returns if wildfire evacuated?

I suppose this can only be advice a Canadian can give to another Canadian. We're in a region of BC where there are a number of wildfires, some controlled, some not yet under control. The air is very smoky, and an alert & subsequent evacuation order are obvious possibilities.

We went through this two summers ago when fires were closing in, and decided what possessions we'd load into our truck and our SUV, if ordered to evacuate. The advice from our investment counselor has always been to keep 7 years of return print-outs & associated relevant documents & receipts. I think we guessed about the 'necessity' to bring tax returns with us. But, y'know, space it tight in the vehicles.

I think our tax people must be inundated with email & phone inquiries, because they're tardy in replying to messages I've sent. So if you're Canadian, and you know what should be done with tax returns in a disaster situation, please advise me. Thanks.

My income-tax preparer finally got back to me. The info is: "we have digital copies of your returns, going back 7 years." What should be retained & protected are the receipts pertaining to any deductions claimed — and in addition, all receipts and accounting info related to the home-based business.

So that's what you'd need to take in the event of an evacuation.
Our tax preparer is smart as a whip, she will have past returns. However we have all sorts of important info to go!