Carl Reiner Died Last Night


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I wanted to cry when I heard this news. I didn't, but I wanted to. Love Carl Reiner, a comic innovator & all around nice guy.


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Carl started his career as a regular on Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows''50-'54 also became one of the writers along with Neil Simon,Woody Allen,Mel Brooks.He &Mel would create the 2000 Year Old Man routine
He created classic sitcom'Dick Van Dyke Show '61-'66,starring Dick Van Dyke,Mary Tyler Moore.On the show he played'Alan Brady'. He won 5 Emmys for the show,also won Guest Actor Emmy in '95 on NBC sitcom'Mad About You'
Carl directed 15 movies,Steve Martin starred in 4 of them
The Jerk'79
Dead Men Don't Wear PLaid'82
The Man With Two Brains'83
All of Me'84
couple other movies he directed:
Oh God! '77 starring George Burns
Summer Rental'85
That Old Feeling '96

He also co starred in "Ocean's Eleven' 01,Ocean's Twelve'04,Ocean's Thirteen'07
He is survived by his actor/director son,Rob Reiner couple grandchildren
R.I.P thanks for the memories