Do You Remember…taking in Frozen Washing Off The Line?

I remember it as though it was yesterday - in fact, it WAS yesterday. It's been freezing here for the last few days, but we've had some good sunshine and there has been some drying. There's another load of washing to go out now. We only use the dryer if absolutely necessary as electricity is so expensive. We do have a clothes pulley and a clothes horse. If we set up the clothes horse along with a dehumidifier, it's much more efficient than using a drier.
When I was growing up we always had a dryer as well as a clothesline, so no frozen clothes to be brought in. However, I do remember rescuing some from the clothesline during unexpected downpours.

My laundry area was moved to the garage when we remodeled in 1989. I wanted the noise out of the house.

I only use the dryer for 10 minutes to shake wrinkles out. I put hanging clothes on hangers and space them on the 6' long pole so they can dry, and put non-hanging clothes on the dryer rack. Since our humidity is so low, everything is completely dry by the next day, jeans included.

dryer rack for clothes from