Do you wear jewelry?


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:)Today I gave my teenage Grandson a precious gift. I gave him my Husband's, his Granddad's 18ct gold ring that his Parents gave him for his 21st birthday in the 60's. He wore it and treasured it. I also gave GS another item of good jewelry and to my eldest Son a gold ID bracelet that men wore back in the 70's and 80's but rarely if ever seen them now on a man's wrist. A silver St Christopher medal that GD wore back then went to my Grandson. He is delighted and promised me to care for them as he loved his GD as my Son loved his dear Dad.

I showed him the items privately today whilst I was over at theirs with my eldest Son present and asked them to treasure them and they promised. I am so happy that they have been passed on to my only Grandson and kept in the family. Ive got a couple of other items to give to my youngest Son tomorrow when I am at theirs for the day.

A lovely part of my Christmas Day at their home
Further to this post, my Grandson loves the silver St Christopher that was his Granddads. It was a gift from my Husband's Parents for his 21st birthday and one he wore until he was given a gold one on a chain and this one I wear as and when and treasure it.


I wear my wedding ring and a ring with my family crest on it. I also wear earrings of which I have quite a number. Apart from that I don't bother with any other jewellery.


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This last year I started wearing jewelry more and more. I stumbled across a brand I fell in love with and now I can't see not wearing it. I use to just wear my wedding ring and thats all, I wasn't too worried about my appearance or myself for the matter. I am trying to spend more time on me. The jewelry I wear needs to mean something, or I just can't wear it now. I have a new found appreciation for things in my life, jewelry helps me get a story across to people on who I am and what kind of person I am without saying a word. :)