Have You Started Your Taxes Yet?


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I got started with my federal return yesterday and filled in all the information I could. Have to wait until the 13th for one of my Schwab 1099s and the IRS update that's coming soon.


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If your income does not come up to the standard deduction ($12000 for single), you need not file. I would assume you know what your gain/loss of sale of stocks was.
However, the 'warning' is that if you don't file, you are more open to someone filing in your name and not knowing it, meaning opening yourself up to potential fraud.
BTW, I posted kind of tongue-in-cheek and failed to mention that wife is an AARP tax aide (and the warning about filing regardless of low income is given to all clients). She was also an accountant in a former life.
Standard Deduction: $13,500 for 65 and older, if my sources are correct. $12,200 plus $1300 for 65+.


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I usually wait until the first week of March or later to file. I don't get my documents from Ameritrade until the end of February and usually they send an amendment a little later, once as late as March 8. No biggie this year, I won't be getting a refund.


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I file as soon as I get the needed documentation. I did so about a week ago using TurboTax free. I just saw on the news that TurboTax has been guilty of charging people for their free service. I've used it for three years and haven't had any issues....but I'll be watching.


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Got my taxes done the 1st week in February. I've used the AARP Tax-Aide services offered for free at our local library for the past 5 years. Not sure what program they use to file electronically but they give you a nice printed package for your records.


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I filed my Federal and State electronically yesterday morning using Turbo Tax. By that afternoon I already got back text messages telling me that they were accepted.


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I got a call from my CPA this morning. For the 8th year I don't have to file a return. I don't have taxes withheld so I don't have to file to get a refund. I thought sure I would have to pay some this year but she said no. I'm happy.