Honk, If You Like Geese!


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A couple in Florida adopted Gator and made him some custom sandals to protect his flappy feet from the heat of the floor.


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Today I was walking my dog on a long leash in a local state park. It was lightly snowing and around 14 degrees, so we were the only ones there. On the way back we came across a Canadian goose lying in the weeds by the edge of an empty parking lot. We were both surprised to see it there, and I tightened my dog's leash....but he's friendly and would have never hurt the goose. Anyway, we were very close to it and it didn't get up, which would be expected. It was alive and moving its head, but that's about it.

We finished our walk and I drove over to the park office, since I wasn't able to contact a human being by phone. I reported the goose, that I assumed must have been injured and told them the exact location. The rangers were all in a meeting at the time, but the lady who worked there assured me that she would tell them when their meeting was over and have someone go and check on the goose to see if it was okay or needed some type of assistance.

I told the woman that with the frigid weather and cold, biting blustery winds, it would be cruel to just leave the goose there if it was injured. If a stray dog didn't attack it, a coyote might. They're pretty good about seeing after the wildlife there, so hopefully the goose is in good hands. Even if the goose was injured so badly that they had to euthanize, it's better than suffering and dying slowly in the cold like that. :(



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Used to love geese until we got a pond. When they're at the park or anywhere outdoors they're gorgeous but if they land in my yard, I cringe. Was given an alligator head decoy by my brother-in-law that floats around and looks like there's a real gator in the pond and it worked like a charm. Problem solved. I guess that is unless someday a group of geese like these decide to land:



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The lake near me has a nice walking path around it & hundreds of geese & other birds, including egrets, swans & pelicans. Some of the geese let me pet them.