How Often Do The Meat Eaters Here Eat Veal?

Capt Lightning

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Can't say I like the term 'Meat eaters' - sounds as if that's all we eat. We're Omnivores .

I love veal, though it's not as common here as it once was. I see it occasionally in larger supermarkets. In continental Europe, it's much more common and when I'm there, I always make a point of having veal - maybe a proper Weiner Schnitzel.
Veal has been my favorite meat since day one but it is not available in most restaurants in Houston.
LOVE veal. But my preference is for the classic veal chop, and that is a rara avis in the politically correct San Francisco Bay Area [grin]. Most of what I see are very occasional menu specials, and then it's more baby beef than decent veal.

The only restaurant we know of that always has it on the menu, and the quality is excellent, is Il Cortile in downtown Paso Robles. Paso Robles and its Pinot Noir wines became famous from the 2004 movie "Sideways". It's a lovely area but a very long drive no matter if you're coming from the SF Bay Area or LA. For us it's a full hour south of Monterey/Carmel (which themselves are a 2-hr drive in non-commute traffic).

We do see veal osso buco a little more often, although restaurants seem to have lost the concept of marrow spoons somewhere. We have flummoxed several restaurants' waitstaff by asking for one! I finally gave up and bought a pair from Amazon, LOL.

And of course, there is no way to make a great French onion soup without veal stock. Beef stock simply does not match up to it. Beef's flavor is sweet and coarse, compared to the delicacy and mouthfeel of veal stock.


Haven't seen it in stores in many years ... I used to make my favorite meatloaf recipe with ground round, pork and veal.
Gave up on the veal part long ago. ... meatloaf has never been as good without it.
That's right... the Italian meatloaf mix! Haven't seen that either in a long time!

But veal chops are still available.
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Capt Lightning, sells a marrow spoon. On the expensive side, but I figured I only needed 2, and they would last forever anyway - LOL!

$9.49 each

BTW, for those who miss ground veal in their meatloaf mix, I seem to recall Cook's Illustrated offered a work-around. They said if you used the equivalent amount of ground turkey or ground chicken, and added a small amount of dissolved unflavored gelatin, you'd get that unmistakeable 'mouthfeel' in your meatloaf.

I regret I can't recall exact measurements, but I remember reading they were surprised the amount needed was very small. Maybe start with 1/2 to 1 teaspoon (I'm certain it wasn't tablespoons) for your mix, and see how it works. Can't remember if they used 3/4 lb. for each ground meat, or a full 1 lb. for each of the three.

Can't hurt to try!