Husband died Xmas day 2019 I want to move should I?


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This is an old thread, but it brought back a memory that I would like to share. Another Trooper retired on the same day as myself. The Barracks had a retirement party for the both of us, unexpectedly. I asked the other Trooper if he had any plans for retirement. He was only 51 y/o. He said that he wanted to move to somewhere on the coast of South Carolina and play golf and fish for at least 10 years before coming back home.

A few months later, I gave him a call just to find out when he was moving. He told me that his wife changed her mind and didn’t want to move because the daughter was expecting grandchild #1. I just said, “Oh, that’s nice.” He wasn’t happy. He stated to me that he waited for years and planned together with his wife to make this move after he had retired and now she has backed out. They had even bought land down there to build their retirement home.

Long story short, he’s living in S. Carolina and she’s living in PA. This has been going on now for 7 years. They do take turns traveling back and forth. I don’t understand this type of relationship and I don’t ask.


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I don’t understand this type of relationship and I don’t ask
I think it’s called ‘compromise’.

I’ve heard two similar stories where the plans are changed by one of them. It seems like compromise might be the better solution than the way their final years were spent.


I would certainly suggest you move, without reservation. There is too much of the past there.

AS far as the property is concerned, I would not rent, But sell. In today's world, many of our elected officials have implemented and have proposed free rent and have established a moratorium on evictions due to unemployment, Covid and general philosophy. It's not a wining situation for you simply because no rent is worth the stress or screening renters, maintaining property, insurance and then trying to get rent money. In my opinion and its only my opinion, you don't need this.


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Some great advice here, Barneyhill, personally I would just sell the place, it’s caused you enough heartache, sell it and don’t look back...

Wishing you, peace of mind and happiness :)

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Barneyhill, so very sorry about the loss of your husband💕. Seeing as this is something you have wanted for 30 some years, I would definitely go for it. But take your time...find the place that sings your name. I don’t know what to suggest about renting your current place, or selling it. But I have every confidence you will know the right thing to do when the time comes for that decision. Please keep in touch and let us know when you fond your dream home.❤️❤️❤️