I Can Still Do It!


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In part, my wife married me because I could, and liked to, cook. At least that's what she tells people. But, she can make a wonderful potato salad, pancakes and spaghetti.

Now, their have been two Thanksgivings that we both cooked Thanksgiving Dinner and the dinner turned out great.

Yesterday, Thanksgiving, she was watching an NFL game and I decided to get the cooking started. We were only cooking one turkey leg and part of a turkey loin in the oven. I got the mashed potatoes and turkey dressing (box) made, as well as the other things that we had. She couldn't believe that I made Thanksgiving Dinner all by myself and I was pretty surprised that I could still do it.

Then again, I happily consider myself: Mel, the cook. Hazel, the maid. And, me, the driver.

Yesterday, I told her, "I have plenty of help in the kitchen. Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay are with me! LOL
Great dinner!


Good for you @ClassicRockr ! ... I used to know how to make a Thanksgiving feast for a large crowd (10-12) and it took a lot of effort, but seemed to turn out good .. or so I was told. I did it all on my own.

Today .. I'm just an observer as my daughters have taken over the duties.
Can't picture myself making a large meal for anyone these days.