If you could travel in time would you go forward or back? Where and what year would you go?

Supposing you go back and are able to keep what you now know. You can have a do-over, right? I'm not so sure. You would still be taking your personality with you. And that often plays a bigger role in decision making than knowledge. You would end up making the same sort of mistakes you've already made.


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The problems are:

In the past, you might change, the others are still a thorn in your side.

Into the future, you see your end and if it's painful or horrible, then you try to suicide out, but can't.

I recall a short story of a man who was able to see the future, he saw himself on a hospital bed, his wife weeping and saying "All you pain is gone, the weeks of agony are done"

So, he thinks "Better get my gun" he shoots himself to only find himself in agonizing pain in the hospital as his future was foretold.


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I'd go back to the grassy knoll...to find out who really shot JFK.
Stephen King wrote the novel 11/22/63 based on a similar premise....only the main character goes back to try and stop Oswald from doing the deed. If you are not a reader, There is a mini series of the book On HULU
But I would like to go back to meet my maternal grandparents...both died before I was born and my mom said many of my manerisms and facial expressions were like her mom


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it would be vertually impossible to go forward since it has not been written yet and anything you do will be what is in the past. but then there is the paradox thing of going back in time and killing one of your parental units then you would not exist but there is some hypotheses about that that says you would just start a new time line and all things would be different....
Let's just assume it were possible.
This is off topic, but I just thought of something.

What kind of a story could you write about @Youngster, if the people who disappear in our time without a trace had this happened to them? You know, they go back in time, a paradox happens & they just disappear because of that paradox.