It is the Age Of Aquariums


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This reminds of of when we had to have screen savers because if left too long on whatever was there static on the screen would burn into it and leave a ghostly image. And one of the screensavers was this kind of aquarium where the fishes would move around. I kind of miss that.

Ruth n Jersey

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I've always loved aquariums. I had gold fish when I was a kid. When we first got married we had an aquarium the hubby made in his high school shop class. Our first cat would sit by the hour watching the fish. Wcat and fish2.jpge finally bought him the mushroom stool so he could see them better.


Hari Om, y'all!
Austin, TX.
I keep an invisible fish in a small tank in our bedroom: No worries about cleaning and feeding, and I still get to look at the nice accessories in the pristine tank, and hear the bubbling water.


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North Carolina
Ooooo, I'm def going to put an aquarium on my "to do" list. And I don't think the rules of keeping them have to be followed to the letter. I've watched my oldest son draw water right out of the faucet and dump it in on some fish at are supposed to be pretty delicate. I think I'd be more careful, but it sounds like a fun hobby.