Memories of Christmas Past

You mean...buying a[REAL TREE] for two dollars on Christmas Eve?.. having snow every Christmas?.. Mom buying your toys from the local grocery store?... sitting by the tree with those big hot lights and the smell of food cooking in the kitchen?... when Christmas music was played on ALL THE RADIO STATIONS?

Well, this came along after a Christmas in January. It was wider spread than covered here, but this is one story of one region in the TV station's coverage area.

I remember my apartment building being surrounded by drifts 5 feet and more deep with an adjacent main road being almost that deep in snow. You could hear them dumping snow into the nearby river for days. There was no place to pile it as they dug out the roads.

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We always went to my grandparent's house Christmas eve and spent the night. My best memories are when my brother, cousin and self were young, between the ages of 4 and 7. My grandparents house was big and old, having been the nicest house in town at one point many years before. It had no heat other than gas stoves inserted into hearths that used to be functioning fireplaces. It had only one bathroom which I can remember my father and uncle building after WWII. (It made my grandfather mad when they burned the outhouse.)

My grandparents lived downstairs but when we were all there we kids were bundled into bed together in one of the upstairs bedrooms. The stove in the fireplace hearth would be lit as we crawled into bed and those sheets were icy but we were weighted down by Grannie's quilts and snuggled together. We would stay awake as long as possible listening for Santa, but always fell asleep before he came.

We weren't allowed to come downstairs on Christmas morning until the adults were up so we would sneak to the top of the stairs and listen to see if we could hear anyone up. We had to eat breakfast before we could see what Santa brought. When the door to the "parlor" was finally opened the tree and gifts were a sight to see.
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My memory is as a kid. I had saved up money and bought my mother a record (Vinyl LP) for her gift. I don't remember what it was, and why I chose it. But I do remember her opening it, looking it over, and then giving it back to me saying, "why would I want this?"

Yeah. To this day I don't celebrate Christmas.
We kids all slept upstairs in the three bedrooms up there. Christmas morning, we couldn't come farther than the bottom of the stairs until Mom had started the coffee and put the cinnamon buns in the oven.

We'd huddle at the bottom of the steep stairs, peering into the kitchen in an agony of anticipation. It would take FOREVER for the adults to get their coffee, turn up the furnace, light the fireplace and turn on the lights on the tree.