My night time visitor


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Rochester, NY
I had to door out to the deck open, for the fresh air. Started hearing noises out on the deck. So, what do I do? Shut and lock the door? Hell no!! Turned on the light and peeped. Saw this guy at the bird feeder. By the time I got my camera he had moved to this spot. I even went out and sat there (dumb). And he sat there looking at me for a couple minutes before taking off.


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You may have to hang your feeder 4 or more feet above any surface or you'll have neighborhood cats enjoying a live food smorgasbord as well.


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I have 3 opossums that I feed almost every night. They love Hazelnuts, cat kibble & apples. Since they're omnivores, they'll eat anything. They let me get 1 foot from them while they're eating. After they started visiting I did some research & found that they're very interesting animals.
They are the only warm-blooded mammal that is immune to Rattlesnake venom.
They are also immune to Rabies (it is thought to be due to their lower body temperature preventing viruses from multiplying)
They are unable to store any fat on their bodies; that's why they have to eat constantly. (Researchers should be studying that, instead of weight-loss drugs & surgery).
Some people have rescued baby opossoms & raised them as pets:


London England
This is MY night time visitor and she has a little family too... hard to get a picture of her because she only comes out at night, and as soon as she does the solar lights come on and then she freezes and rolls up....and then dashes for the cover of the shrubs once the lights go off..