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Jun 7, 2019
Hi - I am new here because my grandparents mean the world to me and I want the best for them. Also, my parents while doing great now, I guess are technically aging, and may need help in the future and mean the world to me also. I want to learn more from the members here so that I can learn, and help them make better decisions about their care/living arrangements, and be more prepared to be everything I can be for them, when the time comes that they need me to help tem. When my parents and grandpa went through what they have so far with selecting assisted living places their only source of information was brochures provided by the places. Pretty limited really. They deserve better; I am here to learn.

Right now, only my grandma is needing assisted living (and has been in it for a few years) and recently has started to go down hill, literally. Falling, They are telling her she needs to move to "memory care" because she has been falling a lot. I guess the link between falling, and memory is a new concept to me - the last time I checked "forgetting to keep standing" wasn't a leading cause of falls; but severe hearing loss could cause symptoms that look like memory loss.

My grandpa so far is doing great on his own and visiting grandma almost daily, but he is getting up in age (95) and eventually the time may come where he may need more help. I am here to learn from you guys, real people who have been through it or are going through this stuff.

I know this site says for baby boomers and seniors (which I am not) but I hope you all can accept me as someone who is trying to learn from others, and help the seniors in my life who are so dear to me. I guess I really cherish having my grandparents in my life - Not that many people my age still have their grandparents, let alone a meaningful relationship with them!

They have spent lots of time and money to raise me and give me an education (this is one topic they do NOT teach in schools unfortunately!), so the least I can do is to put forth the effort to educate myself.


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Jan 29, 2014
London England
Welcome...and how forward and thoughtful it is of you to be interested enough to learn more about age related up and downs.. !!


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Aug 12, 2017
Hi Wild,welcome aboard to this friendly forum,glad you found us
I agree with Holly,its terrific that you want to learn about what happens as we grow older
You'll find some wonderful people here who can answer any of your questions
Sue in Buffalo,NY


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Jun 14, 2014
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Welcome Wild1

One of the best things you can to is talk to their doctors and get them referred to a Geriatric Specialist. With their permission you can sit in and ask questions about their care.

Another resource is to call their city's Dept. of Aging with questions about what resources and services are available to them.

Your company can be the best medicine they'll ever have.