Hi, I just discovered this group and I'm so glad I did.

My name is Cindi and I live with my husband in a tiny town in the northwest corner of Washington state. We both are partially disabled. I have problems with my legs from a car accident and cancer and use a cane, walker and a wheelchair. My husband has anxiety issues as well as a lung disease and uses oxygen 24/7.. don't we make a great pair? I'm 68 and he is 66 and we've been married for 40 years. We are the parents of two children, but lost our daughter 19 years ago when she was 16. Our son is married and is the father to his wife's three children from a previous marriage. The kids are now 19, 18 and 16.

I have a lot of hobbies; reading, writing, needlework, crafts and genealogy.

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HI Cindi... looks like you're going through the wars my dear, I'm so sorry ..:(. I think you need to come here and have some

Wonderful-welcome.gif....please feel free to join in any discussion you want.. we don't stand on ceremony here... :D
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Okay, thanks.. I'll check it out. I use to play Words with Friends, but haven't for a while. My husband goes to the senior center in town every Thursday to play Scrabble.
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It's finally warming up here. Are you guys as cold now as you were hot in the summer? I know temps got pretty toasty down there this year.