Our neighbors....the Owls

Don M.

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central Missouri
We have a species of owls....Barred Owls....that live in our forest. We seldom see them, as they are night birds. Last night, near dark, we heard a couple of their "juveniles" near the house. These young birds don't hoot, rather they make a low whistling sound. We watched, and listened closely, and spotted two of these young birds right close to the front porch. They stayed put long enough for me to get the camera, and take their pictures.


Ruth n Jersey

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Don M. what fantastic photos. If those are juveniles the adults must be quite a size. I bet they do a good job at keeping the mouse population down.
I don't think we have that kind here but at night I hear them in the woods. People call them screech owls. I've never seen one but they do screech. Combine that with the bull frogs and peepers we have quite a symphony going on. A very restful sound.