Recently finalized my divorce, I am new on this site.


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Post divorce isn't fun, and life seems boring that's why I decide to join this forum to make new friends, having someone to chat with and talk to will be nice, let the good people on this site welcome me. Jason
I am new also here. Three Divorces. Think I am done, lol. Well done. But still in one piece. Better to be alone than in same room with someone that makes you wish to be Alone.


Hey Jason, one bit of advice from someone who got divorced a long time ago and bounced back.

Think about the person you were before you got married. What did you like to do? What did you dream about?

Now you can do those things without worrying about your "other half."

Did you want to play guitar? Hike in Alaska? Build birdhouses? Go do it.

Divorce creates a lot of emotional and financial damage. But it can also free you up to be a better, happier version of yourself.
Great philosophy! I was also divorced, but came out of it for a much better life. My 2 sons recovered from the trauma as adults and I am on great terms with both of them.
Welcome Jason!


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Great News......


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