Siblings, Are You Close?

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As I mentioned in "Regarding Family" I am close to my two younger brothers. My mom, who lived in Georgia with my two younger brothers nearby passed last year. I used always call mom on Sundays with me living in NY. Since her passing I talk to both of my brothers from time to time to check in

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Two siblings out of us 5, drifted, and never really seemed to be happy with having a sibling relationship, so as a result, don't have anything to do with the family, but the rest of us remain close.
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Rochester, NY
There is only me and my oldest brother, now. Our middle brother died in 2016. My oldest brother is 81 years old. 15 years older than me. So, I was 2 or 3 when he left home. That being said, we spent MANY years not very close. We seemed to have little in common, and he admits it took him a whole to realize I had hit adulthood.
But NOW, in the last few years we have made up for lost time. Especially in the last couple years. He helped me a lot after Rick died. Now, we talk on the phone weekly (I am in Rochester, he is In Connecticut. ) and email or text several times a week. Making up for lost time.
Last summer he came this way to visit my niece. He drove,. She lives outside Buffalo. So, on his way home he stopped here, and we spent a couple hours together, went to lunch and just chatted, Just chatted about life and things. It was great
1 older sister - not close at all. We're polite, but superficially so. Very little in common. However, I get along like gangbusters with her ex-husband and two kids.

1 younger brother - we love one another dearly but live in at different ends of a very large state. We keep in regular touch, which in California-speak means every 4-6 months we shoot each other a quick email! He has a busy life since he's married and still working, whereas I'm long retired.

All three of us lead very different lifestyles from one another. We have an eccentric extended family due to multiple marriages and divorces, so some folks are included that you wouldn't normally think of as still part of the family, while others have slowly dropped out of sight.


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Of three siblings, I only have one older sister left who is still living. She lives in another state, so we're not that close. We do call each other now and then, send birthday and Christmas cards, occasional emails, etc. We have visited each other, but not that often.
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I have a brother, a sister & a half sister from my mother's first marriage. My mother abandoned that child in Europe when she was 6 months old. I didn't know she existed until I was 17.

I have nothing to do with my brother - he's a thief, convicted felon, deadbeat dad & scam artist. When our parents died, he tried to get EVERYTHING & started a 7-year probate battle. He had to sell his house that his mommy bought him to buy everyone else out & settle the case. I frequently made my dad LOL by asking him, "What the hell were you & mom thinking? Was every pharmacy out of condoms?" I later found out that my brother was conceived during one of my parents' trips to Las Vegas & that was the reason they got married. Back in the '50's, it was a big deal to get your girlfriend pregnant without marrying her, I guess.

I am closer to my sister now than I was before. I occasionally visit my half sister; she & her husband live in Michigan.
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My older sister lives in England,never been close.She'll send me an email whenever the spirit moves her.The last time I talked to her was last Dec when I was at my brother's place in NH for xmas,haven't seen her in 8 yrs
My younger and only brother &I are very close,we talk every Sun,lately we've been doing 'zoom meetings'.Its great to see him,my sister in law,2 twin nieces,who knows when we'll be together again


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It's funny how so many of us are very different from our siblings..given that we came from the same parents, and presumably grew up in the same household.

When we were kids we were tight as could be... we'd physically fight other people who upset another sibling... we fought each other, but no-one could go against another unless they another one of us to deal with..

Today there's 3 of us girls who live within 2 miles of each other ( one a step-sister) ... but the rest of my full blood siblings are spread across the whole of the uk.. we only occasionally have contact..usually it's when something BIG has happened in the family, but otherwise no contact at all, sometimes for years....and I don't cry any tears for that, in fact it wouldn't bother me if I never saw one brother and sister for the rest of my life.. very toxic people.. However their kids, my adult neices and nephews do keep in touch.. by email.. they all live hundreds of miles away..


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I'm closest to one older half-sister here, and younger brother who is out on the west coast. Mainly, we keep in touch via email and phone. There are rare occasions when we "all" get together (including the eldest half-brother out west, and eldest half-sister here) .. makes for a pleasant occasion. Amazingly, 5 out of 6 siblings are still around.


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I get along with all my siblings but I’m closest to my sister who lives in Colorado. She’s 10 yrs younger than I am.
Next comes my youngest sister...15 yrs younger and she lives in NJ, so a little further but have visited many time.
Then there is my brother who is only a year younger but we are not close....we were as children though.