So many teeth issues this year


I had the option of implants or dentures- most my teeth are missing. Implants are expensive and take a long time, dentures aren't cheap, but it isn't a long drawn out procedure. I'm 76 and a diabetic. Diabetes can really affect the bone growth needed for implants, so I chose dentures. I'm happy with them.
BTW, nobody mentioned the real problem with diabetes and implants at the dentist's.
Of course not. When they want to sell something, you won't hear any negatives.
My former dentist/thief used my diabetes as a selling point: "You really need this because you're diabetic & all our diabetic patients have gum disease." Which (of course) is a crock.

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Porcelain doesn’t have mercury. What is the advantage of gold now? I can understand using gold when the standard was the silver amalgam which did have mercury.

I just realized I never asked the asked the dentist what she used the other day in my small filling.
This was about 20 years ago. I just thought it would be cool to have some gold in my mouth, but didn’t want it to show, unless I pointed it out. I think I was only about 40 or so then.


Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
What is a veneer procedure that is done on a tooth ?
I can say from personal experience that the dentist first grinds the original teeth down to pointed nubs. When he did my upper teeth I could feel these little nubs with my tongue, and it felt awful. I knew if I looked in the mirror I would have a heart attack. Then he makes an impression with some type of clay so they can make the veneers. He then installs temporary teeth that are all together in one piece. I had 4, so when I took the temporaries off my gums were irritated and bleeding. He then puts the permanent veneers on top of the nubs with cement. He makes sure the bite is correct and that you can floss between them.

My dentist perfectly matched my veneers for color, and again, I'm quite happy with them. I could have worn braces for years when I was younger but I got the same look in a few hours. I'm okay with a lower veneer falling out, but if an upper one falls out it will be a disaster. I can smile without showing my lower teeth.

BTW, I tried calling my dentist's office today and they were apparently closed. The message said I was calling during regular office hours, but when I pushed #1 to leave a message the response was that the voice mailbox was full. I'm going to look for another dentist after all the work is completed. I've been going to this dentist for 16 years, but I think I'm done.


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It sounds very like getting a crown. I have a little cosmetic work done but it was only placing a resin like substance to upper front teeth to cover smoking stains and a little gap I developed after braces. There was no grinding down of the teeth. Just a little touch up. I have given up smoking and don't drink hot tea like I used to. That alone helps. I would go for professional whitening than grinding down the teeth. I am sorry this happened to you, your avatar shows a lovely smile I will say!!