The Tragic Disappearance of Etan Patz Part 1

Thanks for this, Fast.

These ones have a way of cutting deep into me.

I hear you SCH. Unfortunately like the JBR case reeking of fish this is one of NYPD's weirdest cases. Nothing makes any sense especially a NYC mom who runs a day care center in Soho letting her child walk two blocks to a bus stop for the very first time (Most parents walk discreetly behind them) then calls the cops at (NIGHT) just doesn't add up. Also strange when unsubstantiated reports that the FBI starts calling some guy in Europe to ascertain if he is actually Etan Patz and the FBI doesn't deny it but says the ensuing case can't be discussed. Now the Patz family just sold their condo and have packed up and headed to Hawaii to be with their other son. Could be coincidental but the timing seems to be going a little sideways.

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There was a movie, Without a Trace, late 90s based on this case.
It has a happy ending though.
Judd Herschel, Kate Nelligan, David Dukes, Stockard Channing.