The Waltons Television Show

I liked the show, and probably saw most of it - at least the early seasons. I'm not sure I'm up for going back to it again now though, but I might be surprised if I gave it a try.

I think the last big series I can recall that promoted traditional values might have been Smallville that started in 2001... at least before "The CW" took hold of it and tried to turn it into something else in the final seasons.
My friend bought the box set and we've been binge-watching The Waltons...that wholesome TV show from the 70's. It really is addictive as you slide into the pace of each episode. With Mom and Dad, there were 7 of us growing up in my own family, so I can relate to many of the themes.

Did you ever watch The Waltons growing up?
Absolutely loved it.
I didn't watch it as a teenager cuz I was out at night hanging around with my friends and wasn't really the Waltons type. Later I did grow to like it but noticed all my favorite characters either died or left the show so it sort of sucked. :sneaky:
To this day, when I'm at work, and I hear people start to say goodnight to each other. I will speak up and say:
Goodnight John Boy!
Goodnight Mary Ellen!
Goodnight Jason!
Goodnight Erin!
Goodnight Jim Bob!
Goodnight Ben!
Goodnight Elizabeth!
Goodnight Grandma!
Goodnight Grandpa!
It never occurred to me that families could be like that. And now that I know some families are, I think it's very rare.
I think it's beautiful. I especially like the goodnights. That would make me feel tucked in and extra cozy being surrounded by that much love every night.

Goodnight... :giggle: