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14 September 1994
Major League Baseball season cancelled.
The Owners tried to instigate a salary cap.
To this day there is no salary cap but a Competitive Balance Tax was introduced in 1997 to regulate the total sum of money a given team can spend on their roster.


On This Day In History, September 14th

2000 Microsoft Launches Windows ME

The Millennium Edition was the last of the operating systems of the Windows 9x series.

1985 The Golden Girls Make Their Television Debut
The popular American sitcom about 4 single and older women living together in a Miami, Florida house ran for 6 seasons on NBC. The main characters in the show were played by Beatrice Arthur, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan, and Betty White, each of whom won the Emmys for their actions in the show. The series also won 2 Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and 3 Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series.

1979 The Afghan President is assassinated
Nur Muhammad Taraki had taken office less than a year ago when he was killed by gunfire at the behest of Hafizullah Amin. Amin took the seat of the president after the assassination and ruled for only 3 months before he was killed by the Soviets during Operation Storm-333.

1959 First Man-Made Object Successfully Lands on the Moon
Soviet space probe Luna 2 was also the first man-made spacecraft to land on any celestial object. It was launched on September 12, 1959, and lost communications with Earth as it impacted the Moon’s surface east of Mare Serenitatis near the Aristides, Archimedes, and Autolycus craters.

1956 IBM 305 RAMAC is Released
The 350 RAMAC was the first computer with a disk drive and was primarily targeted toward businesses that did real-time transactions. RAMAC stood for Random Access Method of Accounting and Control. The RAMAC 350, which was one of the last vacuum tube computers manufactured by IBM, was replaced by the IBM 1401 in the early 1960s.


Births On This Day, September 14th 🎂

1985 Aya Ueto
Japanese actress, singer

1983 Amy Winehouse
English singer-songwriter

1965 Dmitry Medvedev
Russian politician, 3rd President of Russia

1879 Margaret Sanger
American activist

1769 Alexander von Humboldt
German geographer, explorer

Deaths On This Day, September 14th 🪦

1936 Irving Thalberg
American screenwriter, producer

1901 William McKinley
American politician, 25th President of the United States

1852 Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington
Irish/English field marshal, politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

1836 Aaron Burr
American politician, 3rd Vice President of the United States

407 John Chrysostom
Turkish archbishop


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14th September

1607 The 'Flight of the Earls' from Lough Swilly, Donegal, in Ireland took place when Hugh Ó Neill (the earl of Tyrone) and about ninety followers left Ireland for mainland Europe following their earlier defeat in battle. They hoped to recruit an army for the invasion of Ireland with Spanish help, but King Philip III of Spain wanted to preserve the recent peace with England under its new Stuart dynasty so it was all to no avail. Nevertheless he persisted with the invasion plan until his death in exile in 1616.

1682 Bishop Gore School (Ysgol Esgob Gore), in Swansea was founded. It is one of the oldest schools in Wales and its most famous former pupil is almost certainly the poet, playwright and author Dylan Thomas who, it is said, was not a distinguished pupil. His father was Senior English Master at the school, which was then known as Swansea Grammar School.

1981 A teenage boy who fired blank shots at the Queen during a Trooping of the Colour ceremony has pleaded guilty to a charge under the 1848 Treason Act and been jailed for five years. The Queen was startled when 17-year-old Marcus Sarjeant fired several shots in her direction as she was riding in a parade down the Mall in June, but was unharmed.

2021 An exceptionally rare first edition of Mary Shelley’s gothic classic Frankenstein broke the world auction record for a printed work by a woman when it was sold, (Lot 96), for £850,000 at Christie's in New York. The first edition was one of 500 copies of the novel printed in 1818, and the first to be auctioned since 1985.

horseless carriage

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1658 Oliver Cromwell
English general, politician
Cromwell died of natural causes in 1658 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. He was succeeded by his son Richard, whose weakness led to a power vacuum. Oliver's former General George Monck then mounted a coup, causing Parliament to arrange Prince Charles's return to London as King Charles II and the Royalists' return to power in 1660. Cromwell's corpse was then dug up, put on trial for treason, found guilty, hung in chains and beheaded.

There's justice for you!


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Sept 14th
George Frederic Handel finishes his' Messiah oratorio after working 23 days non stop
Theodore Roosevelt becomes 26th U.S. Pres after Pres William McKinley dies from gun shot wounds, while he was attending the Pan-American Expo in Buffalo,NY
sailor, John William Finn becomes the 1st U.S. Medal of Honor recipent for his acts of bravery,courage,valor during the attack at Pearl Harbor, from U.S. Navy Admiral, Chester Nimitz
NBC's classic sitcom' The Golden Girls' starring Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue Mc Clanahan, Estelle Getty debuts .The show is about 4 single women living together in a house in Miami,Fla, show ended in 1992
Baltimore Oriole player, Cal Ripken,Jr's record streak of playing in 8,243 consecutive innings{908 games} is broken


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Sept 14th Birthdays:
Clayton Moore- actor best known TV role' The Lone Ranger'
Sam Neill- New Zealand actor 'Dead Calm', Jurrassic Park, The Piano
James Fenimore Cooper- novelist' The Last of the Mohicans' 61
Grace Kelly- actress 'Rear Window, High Society, Dial M for Murder,married to Prince of Monaco 52{car accident}
Patrick Swayze- actor' Ghost, Dirty Dancing' 57{pancreatic cancer}


Cromwell died of natural causes in 1658 and was buried in Westminster Abbey. He was succeeded by his son Richard, whose weakness led to a power vacuum. Oliver's former General George Monck then mounted a coup, causing Parliament to arrange Prince Charles's return to London as King Charles II and the Royalists' return to power in 1660. Cromwell's corpse was then dug up, put on trial for treason, found guilty, hung in chains and beheaded.

There's justice for you!
Oh my word, they dug him up?
Now that is justice. 😁


On This Day In History, September 15th

2008 Lehman Brothers file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. filed for bankruptcy protection. This was the largest bankruptcy in US history.

1981 John Bull becomes the oldest operable locomotive

The steam locomotive manufactured by the British and operated in New Jersey, US became the world's oldest and still operable locomotive when the Smithsonian operated it on this day. It was first put to use on September 15, 1831.

1963 A Ku Klux Klan bomb kills 4 young African-American girls
4 members of the white supremacy group, set off a timed bomb at the 16th Street Baptist Church, a predominantly black church in Birmingham, Alabama. The bombings marked a watershed moment in the Civil Rights Movement in America.

1935 Nuremberg laws instituted by the Nazi party are put into force
The laws revoked citizenship for Jews, forbade them from having relationships with people of non-Jewish origin, and made the swastika the official symbol of Germany.

1894 Battle of Pyongyang ends with a decisive Japanese victory

The battle was a major land battle that took place between the forces of Meiji Japan and Qing China during the First Sino-Japanese War.


Births On This Day, September 15th 🎂

1955 Renzo Rosso
Italian fashion designer, and businessman, co-founded Diesel Clothing

1954 Hrant Dink
Turkish/Armenian journalist

1946 Oliver Stone
American director, screenwriter, producer

1890 Agatha Christie
English author

1254 Marco Polo
Italian explorer

Deaths On This Day, September 15th 🪦

2007 Colin McRae
Scottish race car driver

1980 Bill Evans
American pianist, composer

1938 Thomas Wolfe
American author

1859 Isambard Kingdom Brunel
English engineer, designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge

1842 Francisco Morazán
Guatemalan lawyer, politician


Holidays on This Day September 15th 🍹🌴

Birth of Bocage- Portugal

Day of Our Lady of Sorrows- Slovakia

First Day of National Hispanic Heritage Month- USA

Grand Magal de Touba- Senegal

Independence Day- Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador


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15 September 1962
Australia enters the America's Cup yacht race for the first time.
Australian press magnate Frank Packer has a 12 metre yacht designed and built specifically for the challenge.
The yacht is launched on February 19, seven months before the first America's Cup race.
The boat is christened Gretel in memory of Frank Packer's late wife.

September 15 to 25, 1962, off Newport, Rhode Island.

Gretel races against the American 12-metre Weatherly in the best of seven races.
Weatherly beats Gretel 4 races to 1.


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Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and William Wordworth publish 'Lyrical Ballads' the 1st work of English romantic movement
naturalist, Charles Darwin aboard HMS Beagle reaches Galapogos Islands
during a San Francisco Giants- Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, the brothers Alou, Felipe, Matty&Jesus play for 1 inning as outfielders for Giants
1st issue of newspaper, USA Today is published, cost was 25 cents now its $2
NBC's legal drama' LA Law debuts with an ensemble cast Richard Dysart, Harry Hamlin,Susan Day,Corbin Bersen, Jill Eikenberry,Michael Tucker{ married in real life} ends in May '94
1997 is registered as a domain name
archaeologists discover oldest known beer brewery&remains of a 13,000yr old beer in Haifa cave in Israel


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Sept 15th Birthdays:
Agatha Christie- British mystery novelist
Roy Acuff- country singer/ fiddler/ music publisher Acuff- Rose Music Inc
Carlo Rambaldi- Italian special effects movie artist- Alien, ET
Ron Shelton- film director 'Bull Durham, White Men Can't Jump, Tin Cup, Just Getting Started
Dan Marino- NFL Hall of Fame QB with Miami Dolphins
Thomas Wolfe- novelist' Look Homeward Angel' 37
Robert Penn Warren- poet/novelist 'All The Kings Men 84
Fred de Cordova- TV producer of Tonight Show w Johnny Carson 90
Harry Dean Stanton -actor Cool Hand Luke, Alien, Godfather Part 2 91


On This Day In History, September 16th

1982 Members of a right-wing Lebanese militia massacred 1500-3000 people in two Beirut-area refugee camps

The killings took over three days in the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and were led by the Lebanese Christian Phalangist militia.

1978 An earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter Scale rocks the city of Tabas in Iran
More than 11,000 people were killed during the natural disaster.

1963 Malaysia is created

The Federation of Malaya united with Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore to create Malaysia. Singapore left the arrangement two years later.

1920 A bomb explodes on Wall Street, New York killing 38 people
The Wall Street Bombing, as the incident is known, was the deadliest such act on American soil to that date. It is still not known who was responsible for the bombing.

1908 General Motors Corporation is founded in Flint, Michigan by William C. Durant and Charles Stewart Mott
The company, also known as GM, was one of the world's largest manufacturers of cars and trucks. Most notably, the company manufactured Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Hummer brand cars.



Births On This Day, September 16th 🎂

1963 Richard Marx
American singer-songwriter, producer

1956 David Copperfield
American magician

1952 Mickey Rourke
American boxer, actor, screenwriter

1925 B.B. King
American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer

1858 Bonar Law
Canadian/Scottish politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Deaths On This Day, September 16th 🪦

1980 Jean Piaget
Swiss psychologist

1977 Maria Callas
Greek soprano

1898 Ramón Emeterio Betances
Puerto Rican doctor, politician

1824 Louis XVIII of France

1701 James II of England


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16 September 1956
At 7pm Sunday on that day Television was first aired in Australia via TCN9 in Sydney.
One sentence, ‘Good evening and welcome to television’, marked the commencement of regular television transmission in Australia.
Australia was a late comer compared to the United Kingdom and the United States, both of which had commenced television services by the outbreak of the Second World War.

Program for the first day of Television in Australia
7pm - This is Television
7.30 The Johnny O’Connor Show
7.45 The Patti Page Show
8pm What’s My Line?
8.30 Douglas Fairbanks Presents
9pm The Air Force Show
9.15 Accent On Strings
9.30 I Love Lucy
10pm Father Knows Best
10.30 Robin Hood
10.50 Katherine Dunham Dancers
11pm Close


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16 September 1975
Papua New Guinea gained independence from Australia
In the 19th century, Germany ruled the northern half of the country for decades, however, post World War I, the League of Nations authorised Australia to administer the area as a ‘League of Nations mandate’ territory that became the Territory of New Guinea.
The Southern half of PNG, on the other hand, was colonised by the UK. Although with Papua Act of 1905, Britishers transferred the territory to the newly formed Commonwealth of Australia.