Tracfone is pushing me to buy a new phone.

Ruth n Jersey

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Has anyone who has a Tracfone getting messages and letters saying their phone is out of date and won't be able to handle the new features they are about to put into effect? I have a very old Tracfone but we use it only for traveling. Our reception on any phone is terrible where we live so it wouldn't pay to have a better plan. I have been buying $100.00 worth of minutes for a year which far exceeds what we need.
I have the internet on this phone but never use it. I just got it so I don't have to push the keypad a million times as I text.

My daughter says to keep the old one until it kicks the bucket and then get a new one. I just don't want it to go kaput while we are traveling.

Do you think they are just trying to sell new phones or is this for real?

Don M.

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central Missouri
I've had a couple of E-mails from Tracfone, regarding new "aps" they are adding to their service. I use a small LG basic cell phone....small enough to fit into my shirt pocket...smaller than a pack of cigarettes...and it serves our needs. I think I've had this small phone for well over 5 years, and it works good enough for us. I get the 90 day renewals for about $7/month, and have enough minutes built up such that we could talk for days. So long as this thing works, I have no plans to "upgrade"...I don't need any "Aps". If/when this thing becomes obsolete, I'm sure I can find one that will work for $50, or less, at Walmart.


midwest USA
Tracfone is a carrier service not a phone company itself. I just bought a LG Rebel4 with Tracfone minutes
to replace my very old LG with tracfone. I like my new phone a lot , inexpensive.. Best Buy activated it for me.
Only thing I don't like is the battery runs down too quickly, must be recharged. No contract, no plan. Very easy to use.It is misleading because Tracfone is written on the package in large print. Some store staffs do not know either.


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HSN has TracFone phone plus 1500 minutes 1500 text 1500 data 1 year service for $50. I usually get this kind of bundle deal each year. It also often includes a case and a car charger.


Planned obsolescence is a real thing, and it doesn't just apply to Tracfone. After a couple of years of owning almost any electronic device, it will first cease to accept upgrades, and then cease to function altogether. So much for the old ethics of keeping and using something until it wears out! I also have a basic LG flip phone which is cheap to maintain monthly service, and I'll continue carrying it as a supplemental phone in my vehicle until it dies...


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I have a large numbers Alcatel I've had several yeaers with Tracfone. I had the phone for emergencies when I was out in my car. Now I have sold my car and my days have expired with Tract phone. I haven't renewed. When my days expired I had/have 3249 minutes left. It's only been two or three weeks vbut I miss my phone, just knowing it was there and i could use it. I have two land lines and don't need it. Still...