What the roofer said



I would at least get two cans of Flex Seal, right?


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Batavia, NY
@debodun I know some, including me, have suggested demolishing your house and building a ranch home on the lot. I can say, a friend of mine did that with her old family home and loves the transformation. She got best of both worlds..staying on her country property, which she loved, and having a nice, new, more accessible home to live out her life. Is that something you would consider?
Would you have somewhere to stay during this transition time?


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I, for one would not want to live in such disrepair. Life is too short and you should enjoy the time you have left on this earth. Be happy, live life to its' fullest. You can't take your money with you when you die.

The money is only making your palms and hands sweaty. 🥵

Good luck to you, Deb.

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The roofer just left. He said $1800 and that's would be just for a patch. He's booked up until July 17th. He does full roofs during the week and saves the weekends for doing the patch jobs.

That's way too much for a patch. You should get more estimates.
When I had my roof done I called everyone I could find to get estimates.
Also, tearing the house down and building a new one would be quite expensive.