What would you do?


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Houston, Tx.
I to look forward to the life ahead after death. I know I will have a new heavenly body. Don't ask me how I know as I just do. I look forward to knowing my loved ones again. I have felt this since I was a child.


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The moment you figure it all out, the rest of the world is continuing to change so your solution would have to change with it. It would be a never ending algebra problem. I don't want to spend my time that way :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:


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New Jersey
What would be left if we figured it all out? Would the quest for knowledge stop? Would we be bored because there's no mystery left? What if in figuring it all out we find out that the world is even worse or more frightening than we thought? Or maybe when figuring it all out, those who have no hope will see a brighter future is coming and regain their hope once again. And heavens to Betsy...what would those who don't believe in the paranormal do when they find out it is indeed a part of reality?