Yard/Garage/Estate Sales


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I went to a yard sale today and picked up a telephone for 50 cants. It's an old one made by Sony in Taiwan. I cleaned it up and tried it and it works fine. It will replace the Chinese piece of crap that lasted one year. I also got a pair of 20 foot RCA audio cables which I have plans for.

The best thing I ever found was an English copper whistling kettle made by Simplex for $3. I Googled the companie's name and found they sell for over $100 in the U.S. The worst thing I ever bought was an exercize bike for $5. Rookie mistake. It went in the trash.

I consider yard sales a treasure hunt and it's a fine hobby. I sometimes find art objects that I treasure or an unusual tool that I haven't seen before. This week I found a Visions ware dutch oven in the free pile.

Ruth n Jersey

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A few years back When Ebay was in full swing I would go to sales for items to sell. I came across what I thought was a brass bell. I had sold quite a few but this one had no ringer inside. It was 25 cents so I thought I'd put it up anyway. Some very nice buyer sent me an email telling me it wasn't a bell but a Rudy Muck soft mouth piece for a horn. The first of its kind. I thanked him and immediately changed the category to music and made a lot of money selling it.