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    Maybe some good news from the CDC

    So we don't "trust the science" anymore? Or do we just trust the science that fits our political agenda? I'm so confused.
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    Many parents are hesitant to give their kids a Covid-19 vaccine. What if schools require it?....

    I used to tell my school kids, "I don't do what ifs." I still don't.
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    What Have You Missed Doing This Summer, Due To Cancellations?

    We were going to go take a tour of southern England, and maybe a river cruise in the fall. Our (formerly) weekly bridge group, all seniors, cannot meet. We rarely eat out anymore, but I actually think that's been OK. We're not going to Key West either. However, we have instituted outdoor happy...
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    Florida 5th grader asked to remove Hooters-themed mask

    Another case when a call to the parents would have been better. "Dad, I'm pleased your son is wearing a mask. Some of the other children have made unfortunate comments. Perhaps it might be better if he wore something plain." And done.
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    What’s the hardest thing you have done?

    Oh dear God! I feel like I have lived a charmed life compared to y'all. I had some rough times growing up, or so I thought, but nothing compares! I've had some rough patches, but still... God bless you all!
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    That lovely aroma....

    Oh yes, the Thanksgiving turkey!! So deliciously inviting!
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    That lovely aroma....

    BBQ, which in Texas means smoked meat. Chocolate chips cookies right out of the oven. Fresh bread, right out of the oven.
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    Question about procedure.

    Why would you even go there? Did you honestly think it isn't political? I think I know the answer.
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    Are we getting too "virus" crazy?

    That's tyranny. Absolute tyranny. I think you're the arrogant one.
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    Are we getting too "virus" crazy?

    Wow. Pretty Draconian, isn't it? Not to mention dictatorial. And in the country, probably unconstitutional.
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    Are we getting too "virus" crazy?

    I'm curious about what other measures you would enact to curtail other people's freedom? More fines? Some jail time, perhaps? I walk my dogs every morning. I don't wear a mask. Sometimes I say good morning to other neighbors. Sometimes we're closer than six feet. How much should I be fined? And...
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    Did you ever remember crying when any celebrities died?

    No. Was I saddened? Yes. But tears? No. I do remember finding an old paper that related to my old boss from many years ago, and I realized that at that point, he had probably passed. I shed a few tears.
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    I hope these actors star in a new movie

    I so don't care about Hollywood actors who make big bucks and spout political nonsense as though they were intelligent beings. Are some of them eye candy? Sure. But keep your mouth shut. I don't care about their political views.
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    Lottery winners what & what not to do

    I googled this subject, and it seems that 70% of lottery winners wind up broke. OMG!!! I promise, if Dave and I won the lottery, this would not happen. We are very prudent with our money, and don't "live large" at all. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't change. We might would get a financial advisor...
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    Are we getting too "virus" crazy?

    I think we are. I either wash my hands or use sanitizer after leaving a store. With all the hand washing and sanitizing going on, I have to wonder what it's doing to our immune systems. It's surely not helping them. We almost never pay in cash, and we put our card into the machine ourselves...