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    Things brought home from Vietnam.

    I came home from the 'Nam with a little more baggage than when I went. In civilian jobs I could not stand you people for very long. Whiny, snotty azz......yall had not a clue!! Took another 17 years to get it straight after spending 8 months in VA counselling. Photographs? I destroyed them all...
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    Duty Days

    boot camp 1966 rtc san diego ca. uss england dlg22, started as bt changed rate to rm. reupped 1970 went to Nam on uss brule akl28, returned home to nas whidbey, back overseas to uss proteus as19 and that was that!
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    What is your main access to the Internet?

    as a computer type I have a tower and laptop. win 7 64 bit on the laptop.
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    Vietnam War Wannabes

    Trade? where did you learn that all vietnam records were declassified?? As to "secret and above" I held much higher due to the nukes! And I aint tellin nothing!!!!
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    Medical Coverage For Vets

    I am not service connected.I got my disability from SS. I am under the VA eligibilty limit. The Va provides me all my breathing medicines which includes oxygen/nebulizer and inhalers.The VA pays for emergency room visits to local medical center,they do not pay for inpatient stays.For civilian...
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    Almost 51 years... hard to believe.

    as much as it was fun in the mekong delta(tongue in cheek) I was more concerned while posted to the uss proteus a sub tender at guam. the ballistic missile fleet. nuclear weapons, nuclear subs and as a radioman handling the messages including encrypted ones that contained the nuclear weapons...
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    Almost 51 years... hard to believe.

    loved the rain.. water was sometimes hard to come by. we showered on the hatch covers.
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    riverine forces

    there is very large site with lots of info told by those who were there.
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    Geeez. 49 years ago

    i left sept 1971 after a year brown water navy riverine combat support.
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    Looking to Get a Tablet

    I have a EVOO 11.6 inch screen laptop that is convertible into a tablet. It is touch screen with a rather small keyboard. very light weight.
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    new format

    I have a new netbook just so I can post in sf now. don't expect me here often ...
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    Is Slow or Hot Computer a WiFi Connection?

    donm is partially correct, clean your pc.....also your pc might be downloading a large amount of data that requires more of the processors to photos not loading might be your browser does not understand the format of the photo such as .flv extension which is flash player update your...
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    cola wars

    I found this tidbit interesting:
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    the infrastructure is breaking down

    the power, telephone wires installed when most cities were being formed are now losing their outer insulation and are exposed to the elements. the water, gas lines buried underground also when the cities were being built are deteriorating and have become susceptible to leakage. most of the...
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    The new practice to prevent mass shootings

    There are more people onboard a modern aircraft carrier than this town and for 10 miles in all directions yet there are no mass shootings there. Today the local law enforcement/fire are practicing an active shooter at the local high school/medical center... just in case? there aint nothing here...