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    photos project on limestone quarry walls in France

    Photos projected onto limestone quarry walls in france click onto firdt photo to enlarge & then click arrow on side to advance
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    Country images you don't see much anymore

    Sydney Harbour Bridge (Australia) being built in the 1920s Photo taken in 1933
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    Neat old photos

    1920 Sydney harbour Bridge Australia
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    Neat old photos

    sydney harbour looking west>>>>australia opera house on left side of photo
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    Neat old photos

    Parliament House Canberra Australia
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    Photos from your Travels anywhere in Europe..Taken By You

    Port Stephens in Australia: This is the accommodation we stayed at. The pool is 500 metres long, it goes right around the estate. Top restaurant & entertainment. It is about 160 Kilometres north of Sydney.
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    Emergency! Ina's husband in the hospital again.

    Deepest sympathy to you & your family Ina.
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    adding photos

    you have a tool bar across the top of the box where you post. run your curser across & you will see (insert picture) click & a box appears it says from comp. or URL choose photo from comp. then upload click on photo & you can enlarge it.
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    Christmas song: In a rusty Holden UTE; from Australia

    Enjoy it's summer in Australia at Christmas
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    Merry Christmas & holidays to all

    May you & your Families have a safe & wonderful Festive season.
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    The cost of a brand new truck these days.

    General Motors Holden V8 (Chevy Motor) Australian. Arguable the fastest street legal ute.
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    Enjoy:ode to Joy Ode to Joy.
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    A bike ride accross THE ISLE OF SKYE IN SCOTLAND

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    Thats ridiculous

    $68693. a day I suppose I could survive on that!adopt me! adopt me!