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    Has Your Health Been Affected By COVID-19?

    According to what I have read, it appears that the CV was here at least a month before anyone knew anything about it, and people were getting sick, but not diagnosed as having the flu. Probably at least part of those people had the common cold version of the corona virus, and part had the CV-19...
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    Explain To Me The Upcoming Financial Relief Payments

    Inappropriate response, so deleted.
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    Anyone else sitting outdoors these days?

    We have been outside as much as possible, weather permitting. I have worked in the yard and planted some spring greens in the planter pots, and have tomatoes and Malabar spinach growing inside waiting for warmer weather. When we went to walmart , I spent some time in the garden area and picked...
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    Help me get out of flip phone hell.

    That is what I was thinking , too. If you are used to your phone and it does everything that you need for calling, then get a tablet. they all have cameras, and it is larger for you to use and get used to having a newer smart-device. You might even discover that you enjoy not having to sit at...
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    Ooh! I'm jumping in it now! UFO's?

    Here is another interesting photo, which shows some sort of an ancient “drawing” on the desert in Australia, and it is one of those that is several miles long, and can only really be seen and identified from in the air. The Nazca Lines in Peru are a similar kind of thing, and there are a lot of...
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    Ooh! I'm jumping in it now! UFO's?

    There is so much evidence of a high-functioning civilization from ancient times, and some of the pictures, drawings, and carvings certainly look like some kind of astronauts, or someone from space. I agree with @exwisehe , that the Bible indicates that Jesus and angels come from somewhere...
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    Did You Ever Eat Kimchi?

    It really helped me to learn to make my own kimchi, and then I can alter the ingredients and fermenting time to find what works best for me. I didn’t like how squishy the Napa cabbage gets, but I like it much better with regular cabbage. I liked the bok choy better than I did adding kale, and I...
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    Did You Ever Eat Kimchi?

    Today, I am having rice and kimchi, and this is the one with the apple and bok choy. This one has regular cabbage and not the thinner Napa cabbage that usually goes in kimchi, and I like this better, and it is crunchy. I haven’t tried putting any fish sauce in my kimchi, although many recipes do...
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    What type of purse/handbag do you use?

    My daughter gave me a beautiful fuchsia Tumi crossbody type of sling-bag. I usually wear it slung across my body so that it is towards the back; but it can also be turned around so that instead of being like a backpack, it is worn across my chest . When I am traveling, and need to easily get to...
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    Favorite Band - (Only choose one - pretty please with sugar)

    Statler brothers, Kingston Trio
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    The older I get the more I HATE computers.

    I have a Bluetooth keyboard case that I use with my large iPad, @Camper6 . I have 3 iPads, the 12.9 iPad Pro that I use for typing because it has the keyboard. I have the 10.5 iPad Pro that I just use with a lightweight case when I am just browsing online, or something where I am not typing...
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    March 2020 ~ Tell us how your day is going~ Any Green Beer Stories???

    The sun is shining here today, also; but the wind is cold. Next week is supposed to be at least in the 60’s all week.......yea ! ! Tuesday, I got the all-clear from my heart doctor that I can go back to the fitness center and swim again because the pacemaker is healed up well enough now for...
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    The older I get the more I HATE computers.

    I only use my ipad for everything now, too. When I first got it, I just loved how simple it is to use, how easy to take along and use anywhere. I loved not having to be at a computer desk , and being able to relax in my comfy chair. I do have a Dell XPS-18, and it has the larger monitor, and I...
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    A couple weeks away from getting new car.

    My daughter has a Mini Cooper, which is a hybrid gas/electric, and she just loves that little car. She travels a lot for her work, and it is the perfect traveling vehicle. I think it is a 2018, she has had it a couple of years now, and I have gone with her on a couple of trips. Most of the...
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    A couple weeks away from getting new car.

    I would LOVE to have an electric car ! I only drive a little ways a few times a week, so I think that it would be perfect for my driving needs. Any new car is only a fantasy in my life, but, if I could have a vehicle of my choosing, that is what I would choose I think. What kind of electric...