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    ASVAB Test

    Took mine in Albany NY in 1980
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    Lets talk Toaster Ovens

    LMAO.... Yup Im that kinda guy... This ones had a ton of use, and the wife deserves a new one. besides I will use this one for powder coating bullets and small parts.
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    Lets talk Toaster Ovens

    We have a GE countertop convection oven that has seen a ton of use for the 20+ years we've had it. It still works, but the upper element has burnt out. So I start looking and WOW... I paid less for my last full size stove than some of these things.... And the different functions....holy crap...
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    Renters... Blahh

    We had the same issue with the house we bought... and it was their great grand kids that trashed the place out... Then their pissed at us for "STEALING" it after they let the bank foreclose on it....
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    Are you a dog person, or a cat person?

    We are defiantly DOG people.... As a kid we had a few cats, Grandmother had a few that always attacked us .... always walking on the furniture and tables... after digging in their litterbox... HELL NO.... not in my house. We have a couple feral cats here.... Have trapped, fixed and turned loose...
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    Meatloaf Ideology! :)

    The onion layer becomes the outer shell of the bomb
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    Meatloaf Ideology! :)

    Let me add a twist..... ONION BOMBS!!!!!! Mix your favorite meatloaf recipe... set aside. Blocks of cheese about 1 inch... Mozzarella works great. Cut an onion in half and sort out several baseball size layers and of course... BACON!!!!!! Take a block of cheese and ball it up in your mix to the...
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    How did you and significant other meet?

    Through absolute lies.... I was working on a ladder repoint brick on the building I lived in. Boss and co worker standing on the ground... 3 young ladies come walking down the street and these 2 invite them in to Party.... The wife is skeptical but her friends tell her " We party with these guys...
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    Have You Shrunk With Age?

    Not sure... But the Wife hasn't complained yet
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    I Am About To Get a Slice of My Birthday Pie

    Well Happy Birthday.... Beer lifted towards ya from north of Spartanburg
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    "Pulled" My Knee

    Heres to feeling better
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    I need more beans....

    Not a bad start..... We probably have 15 lbs of different dried beans put up....
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    In Memory Of John F. Kennedy

    NY?.... I was in Amsterdam NY... sitting on the kitchen floor watching my Mom mop. well thats what she said
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    Ice Cream In The Winter

    LMAO... a few years back we had a snow storm going on and both crews headed to the Waffle House. I had already eaten so walked next door and grabbed an ice cream sandwich.... I came back, and stood outside the window at their seat, eating it......