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I'm a 'northern lass' and in my 76 years I have never ever heard anyone use the word 'childer' either in my home town or county. Equally from the many times I've been to the counties which form 'the north' I've never come across the word. That's not to say for certain that it isn't used somewhere in the north but I can safely say that it is certainly not in common usage. I did come across this in the Yorksire Dialect Dictionary when the word was in use there .... ;)

1393 my body ... be for the butres at the charnell, by syde my childer, York

1490 diverse childer of wekidnesse, York. The two words were sometimes used in conjunction in references to grandchildren: 1544 to every one of my childer children

1588 to every one of my childers children one ewe, one lambe, Barwick. Less commonly ‘childer’ was used twice: 1547 I gyff to euery oyn of my childer childer oyn