2023 - How's the Weather Where You Are?

A storm blew in last night. Severe winds and lots of rain, but no lightening and thunder. Still, it ruined lots of people's fireworks and took out the electricity in a few areas. We lost internet, but not the electricity.

The storm lasted about 4 hours, from about 9pm until around 1am. Some trees are down here and there, and the electric company has crews out climbing a few telephone poles. TV news is saying a river levee broke and caused some flooding down by where my son lives. But everyone's ok.

It's clear and sunny and just a bit chilly today. Except for all the tree branches laying around, you wouldn't know there was a storm last night.

2022 went out like a lion.


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Here we are new year's day at a balmy 74F. I am not a happy camper, I always look forward to the winter. We did have a cold spell down to 9F a week or so ago.

I did not use the heat much but my bill more than doubled than the normal. No increase in November bill, guess I am seeing the increase of inflation OUCH!


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We've had one little bit of snow that didn't last long and the temps have been everywhere! It was very cold - 20's then warm - 50's. We're all waiting for winter here! All I see in the forecast is over freezing temps and rain. It is supposed to be a foot of snow, darn it! Thats why we're all here!
Todays forecast is in the mid-40's. Too warm for winter!