Animal Pictures you've taken yourself....

Male Goldeneye

From 2019 at Anza Borrego State Park in the desert east of San Diego. In old B&W science fiction dinosaur films, they sometimes used the species magnified up hugely as giant lizards.


On a web page:

"In a sandy wash noticed an uncommon southern desert horned lizard, phrynosoma platyrhinos calidarum, shown below page top so spent some time working the miniature prehistoric beast looking reptile. Horned lizards are not fast so tend to use their camouflage staying still. I was able to move my 60mm with an extension tube to about 1 foot away however did a poor job focus stacking in part because I was up against a bush. Then got down at ground level and shot the ground level view by moving very slowly to get into position. The lizard did move his head some as I did so as though it was almost ready to try running away."
From a 2011 backpacking trip at over 10k elevation in the John Muir Wilderness:


Text on a trip website page:

I quickly captured this flash image as she climbed over a stick. Then I tried for a face on view but she would not keep still. Toads are such vulnerable little creatures I have always felt a heartfelt liking for. As a child, I found they became afraid when we giants picked up their cool soft bodies. One can sometimes hear tiny squeaks of fear coming out of their mouths and if handled they may pee from fright on your hand.

I would never hurt such a gentle creature but wanted a shot so cupped my fingers around her so she could not move. The first couple of time as soon as I lifted my finger cage, she began trying to flee. Then maybe sensing I was holding her softly and wanted her to stay there paused long enough for this head on shot showing her concerned expression. I stroked her head gently and we moved away.