Anybody agile, or ever been?

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Agile , used to be, great balance. I had fun watching reactions stopping at a light or stop sign without putting a foot:sneaky: down. Better watching some friends try it. Now get up too fast and I might have to grab something for balance. Still walk miles almost daily, been told I don't walk like an old man. Not sure on that last one.:unsure::devilish:


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Steps are the structure of any dance but it's the way you get from one to the other that make it or break it. By the way, are you a professional dancer and what do you do in your spare time? Are you free on Saturday? 👨‍🦳
No I never danced professionally but I say "I was made of music", so I let the rhythms guide my movements. My Saturdays are booked solid. LOL :ROFLMAO:


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It wasn't even a 1 horse town. The Main Street was about 3 blocks long. Very rural. No sidewalk or paved road where our house was. We're talking early 1950's.
The 1950s? Golly! The car wasn't even invented back then!