Around The Bend

The Year I Bought Every Family In Town, A New Car
By Meanderer​

I don’t like to “toot my own horn”….but….the year 2014 was coming to a close. It had been a good year and as I thought about our little town, I had the idea that since most of the folks had old cars or none at all, I would do something about it.

Then and there I promised myself that I would park a new car in front of every house! Now as I said our town is very small, and the townsfolk are a quiet bunch. They are quite happy, just to be here! Truth be told, they don't drive much to speak of, and the little train still comes through town on occasion, so just maybe this idea would perk up the whole town.

So, one cold December day, eight years ago, I headed out to buy 12 new cars. The very first place I stopped at had what I wanted. A twelve pack of metal die-cast cars. A real variety of colors and styles....something for everyone! They were a bargain is only modesty that keeps me from disclosing the total sticker price!

Well, when I got them back to town, first thing I had to do was to collect and dispose of the old cars, and very carefully divvy up the new "wheels" in a way that would be pleasing to all. After I had finished, I stood back and I found out that I had been right...It did perk up the whole town. Well it will be eight years since then, and I have not heard a word of complaint...or thanks for that matter, but the act was meant to be anonymous after all. They all still have low mileage, and their new car shine...especially when the tree lights are turned on!

Oh, and I almost forgot...I had a little left in the kitty...enough to buy a new school bus for the town's little school! All in all, the Christmas of 2014 was one of the Town's best! .....and Oprah had nothing to do with it!

new cars.jpg

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The Coronation of King Charles III is just around the bend....! Following a 70 year "job interview" for his Mother's "job", and an eight month period of "O.J.T.", the act or occasion of crowning will take place on on Saturday, May 6th 2023!
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This morning I read my daily devotional, with my coffee and blueberry yogurt. It was written by Billy Graham and titled "My ticket to the King's Wedding Feast":



"One day Christ will be King of Kings and Lord of Lords. There is an hour in God's time when Christ will return to this world...."

"Every king has a coronation. The Bible speaks of the marriage supper of the Lamb which will be the coronation of Jesus Christ. What a sight that will be! All of us who have acknowledged him as King here will be there in that Day. My reservation is made. My seat is being saved at the marriage supper of the Lamb (see Revelation 19:9). My ticket is in my heart. It is paid for by the blood of Christ upon the cross. The only thing that it cost me was my sins. I glad;y renounce them and pay allegiance to the King of kings before whom some day I shall stand to give an account of my stewardship on earth."

"Yes, I give my allegiance to Christ as Savior and Lord. I will work for him, and I will give everything I have. I will suffer for him. And some day I will have the privilege of reigning with him in Glory. Do you know Christ? Is he King of your heart? Does the Kingdom of Christ dwell in your heart? It can, if you will open your heart and let him in today."
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Being Bored Can Be Good for You—If You Do It Right.

"If you’re waiting for brilliance to strike, try getting bored first. That’s the takeaway of a study published recently in the journal Academy of Management Discoveries, which found that boredom can spark individual productivity and creativity."

"At its core, boredom is “a search for neural stimulation that isn’t satisfied,” Mann says. “If we can’t find that, our mind will create it.” As demonstrated by the new study and plenty others before it, boredom can enable creativity and problem-solving by allowing the mind to wander and daydream. “There’s no other way of getting that stimulation, so you have to go into your head,” Mann says. You may be surprised by what you come up with when you do."
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