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jerry old

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Never have, never will be able to grasp how artist paint; am accomplishment far beyond any ability I could ever possess.

The sculptors: go out in the yard with a hammer and chisel, get a rock now carve out a figure? It cannot be done!
Some of these guys worked in marble, hard, hard substance.
Beyond me, look at the details, how, how, how...


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I've known quite a few sculptors & artists. They have a totally different way of viewing stuff. i.e. a sculptor will look at a stone and see a bird. They chisel away all the stone not part of the bird they see. They liberate the bird from the stone.

Walking on the beach with an artist friend, she picked up a shell and said "Santa Claus." And that is what it became. This person also told me I (anyone) had the same ability. No, I don't, she was wrong there.