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Good morning everyone...

By Space Frog Designs
We are a husband and wife design team and dabble in all things involving creativity. Katherine of SpaceFrog Designs passion for nature is the core influence of her work. Fascinated by complex and simple relationships between colors, shapes and textures often adding a touch of metallic. Vernon of SpaceFrog Designs enjoys pushing boundaries experimenting in 3D. Thanks for stopping by.
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@Phoenix , I tried to find my "Lara's Artwork" thread I posted July 13, 2015 in the "Hobbies Forum" with all of my artwork at that time but it's gone, gone, gone. I did a search in the search box and found it but the pics are postage stamp size and type is tiny.

When our Senior Forum moved a couple of years ago many of my posts appeared with tiny type and pics, and half of my reputation points disappeared. I don't even show up as a member on the members list in the tool bar anymore. I don't mind that much about the members list but I am sad that I've lost Art thread :(
Lara, I love your artwork and just looked at your art thread. It does look like with the software change, the images became smaller, but you can click on them to see the large version, just tried it on a few of your paintings. Too bad there was a change like that, but you didn't lose your thread, thankfully.

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It's strange to see the Bay Bridge depicted in a painting rather than the Golden Gate Bridge. I'm trying to picture where this is, but I haven't been able to find it. I know where Telegraph Hill is (it's where Coit Tower is) but I'm not sure where on the hill this scene would be.
Maybe it's artistic license at play here and not a depiction of an actual location. That's what cameras are all about! ☺