avatars to use for your profile pics

My computer won't cooperate with saving images, so I don't have options.

Edited to add: it's possible it's not the computer's fault.. I have difficulty with the mouse (such as giving someone a 'like' but it doesn't appear)... so maybe that's why I can't get images to save anymore...

I don't mean to take thread off-topic, but if anyone has advice, I'd appreciate it.
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I'm a few months into the Forum. Don't know what avatars are 🤔........... yep got it, just looked it up, but how do you use them to change my T for example? Would appreciate some help or do I go to Forum Support and Suggestions? By the way ,I like the pictures MarciKS. I really like this Forum because there are differences of opinion and even if we don't agree or put a different perspective or misinterpret we must have something in common because we are on the Forum. Call me a 'snowflake' but this Forum has changed my life and I came to it by chance as I was at my lowest. However, the point of my reply was to try and learn about the use of Avatars or putting a picture where the T is. Hope that make's sense. Thanks ☺